Friday, August 16, 2013

Please Help me smoke


Hi, my name is “mind your own business” and I am very much tensed these days. I study in a “random” college and I am in extreme pain. It all has happened due to the rules and regulations of the Himachal Government.

I was, or I can say I am a chain smoker. Smoking 2-3 packs daily helps me regain my consciousness which I had lost, and I also don’t know when.

My life is ruined by the new colleges which have come up in the hill state. I don’t know why there is such a need to design a college at every nook and corner. These colleges have ruined my life.
The beginning occurred with the National law on Tobacco and smoking came in 2003. The law forbid selling of tobacco, cigarettes etc. in 100 yards circle of school, colleges and any sort of educational institution. I’ve searched entire state, but each and every area comes under these vicious circles…I don’t know where to go…??????//


Well if you are thinking, what is meant by above story. Here are some facts-


1. 92% engineering seats remained vacant this year in most of the engineering colleges. Even the polytechnic ones were also not able to BUY students.

2. If facilities are what makes college perfect, most of the colleges lack in basic education imparting facilities.

3. Himachal is the second state in the country to be smoke free. Similarly Shimla is the second city to become smoke free after copying down Chandigarh smoke free model.

4. About 60 lakh rupees fine has been collected in Himachal Pradesh. (Smoking as we all know according to 2008 law is banned in public places.)This fine has to be used to prevent production of tobacco or smoking products.

5. About 1 million people die in India due to smoking.


Still we can’t stop anyone. Can we…..Still…

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bullet Proof Jackets, a Myth





Soldiers are the lifeline of our country. Be it protecting the borders, or be it saving the lives of the people in case of  disasters. They have proved their worth in each and every difficulty. But to the Indian armed forces their lives seem to carry not much importance. The bullet-proof jackets used at the present moment by the Indian Armed forces are not up to the International standards.

In the recent ceasefire violation by Pakistani troops, 5 jawan’s were killed. On 3 of the jawan’s chest, bullet wounds were found. This clearly indicates the inefficiency of the Bullet Proof Jackets or their absence. Bullet proof jackets are essential for protection from bullets or shrapnel. Poor quality jackets may lead to tremendous disadvantages as the life of a soldier may be put in danger.

Defense Acquisition Council(DAC) headed by the defense minister A K Antony had ordered nearly 1,80,000 bullet proof jackets for the Indian Army in 2009. More than 3 years have passed, and the procurements have still not been made. The ministry was to procure nearly 3,50,000 bullet proof vests. Techno commercial bids for the jackets were submitted in April, 2013. The procurements will consume a lot of time and hence the lives of our soldiers will still be in danger.

Many scams have rocked the Defense Ministry this year including the Augusta-Westland deal. The delay in procurement may further deteriorate the image of the Ministry. It is the responsibility of Indian Army to safeguard the interests of the soldiers protecting our borders. The stronger our borders are, the more peaceful our lives would be.



Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tax evasion by P.G. Owners


The PG (paying guest) facility providers are required to fill up income returns for the income they have earned through renting rooms and providing facilities. Many PG owners in Shimla don’t pay the taxes and cheat the govt.

The P.G’s come under commercial stream, that is the rate of supplies for them are  different from what is there for a normal household family. For e.g. water supply bill, electricity bill etc.




Well there is a simple test you can do. Garbage collecting person comes to your homes right. There are some simple steps.


1. Is there a PG facility in your area, check it out.

2. If there is a facility, then the garbage collecting person is connected to it.(It is mandatory)

3. Ask the garbage collecting person or the one who collects the money for the garbage, whether the owner pays Rs.  >50.

(20 categories have been created. The minimum rate is Rs. 50 and the maximum is Rs. 1000.)

4. If the answer is yes. You got an honest tax payer in your locality.

5. If not, complaint the authorities.




Be responsible, pay tax.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Playground Playground Everywhere, but not space to PLAY

Sports, the very word filled our hearts with joy and ecstasy. To play cricket every evening and afterwards playing hide and seek when the sun took nap. It was on our daily schedule to get out of our homes and enjoy such games. But today the time has changed, the generation has changed, Shimla has changed.
I am not here to talk about that the change generation because everybody  knows that. I am here to talk about the shrinking playground space.

Reasons of shrinking spaces-
1. The vehicles in Shimla-

As is clearly seen in the picture, that people now have become ignorant. This picture is 4 years old but the scenario is still the same. People park their vehicles haphazardly, anywhere they want.
Now I’ll talk about the place where I live, Nabha.

The picture shown above is of the only ground that Nabha has got. Due to the negligence of the authorities and increasing no. of vehicles in Shimla, this ground which once was the playground when we were small has turned in to a parking space.
A tennis court construction started in early 2000, but due to no from the residents nearby the construction work was stopped. Now I don’t know the exact reason why the construction stopped. The only reason I know is that the ground was converted in to a parking lot.
Now, the other part of the ground has been made a playground for the kids. This part is 1/4 of the ground space. Seriously, the MC needs to explain ,how a concrete space is a playground for kids.
For years the councilor's have been talking about the construction of a parking lot near 103 tunnel, but the words are the same and the councilor has changed.
(SINCERE APPEAL- If you are old then I agree u require a vehicle, but if you are able, can’t you use public vehicles. The answer I get is “tera kya jata hai, chahe hum apne paiso ko aag laga lein.” I’ve seen vehicles with single drivers and people with multiple cars, like they will put their one foot in one car and another foot in other. Please be a change. If you have excess money, help others. Probably, this way you might become famous.)

2. The MC obviously-

This is the playground we have. All thanks to MC, the steel bars, the drums are kept on road, instead of storage spaces.

This is our bowling end and one can clearly see the drums lying on side of the road. The steel bars carry a huge price tag with them, and the only protection they have got is a simple lock tying the bars.
3. We are equally responsible-
Nowadays, the kids spend their entire time with the gizmos and gadgets they have got. Guys with 100-200 in their pockets, every evening start collecting enough amount to get some joint with their friends.(This really happens, you also know), and not to mention the girls getting in to action. The parents never encourage their kids to participate in extracurricular activities. Well some of you might think that you encourage your kids, and your kids are doing wonders. But hey, your kids are not the only kids in Shimla. Even 6-7th standard students have started smoking, after being inspired by their seniors. This trend if continues, Shimla will turn in to horrible space. It’s time you give your kids a chance to shine, to become what they want, and to be with them always.

Kids hold placards during protest in Support for having Parks organized by YES NGO in Shimla on Saturday.<br />Photo Toi<br /><br />
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