Friday, August 16, 2013

Please Help me smoke


Hi, my name is “mind your own business” and I am very much tensed these days. I study in a “random” college and I am in extreme pain. It all has happened due to the rules and regulations of the Himachal Government.

I was, or I can say I am a chain smoker. Smoking 2-3 packs daily helps me regain my consciousness which I had lost, and I also don’t know when.

My life is ruined by the new colleges which have come up in the hill state. I don’t know why there is such a need to design a college at every nook and corner. These colleges have ruined my life.
The beginning occurred with the National law on Tobacco and smoking came in 2003. The law forbid selling of tobacco, cigarettes etc. in 100 yards circle of school, colleges and any sort of educational institution. I’ve searched entire state, but each and every area comes under these vicious circles…I don’t know where to go…??????//


Well if you are thinking, what is meant by above story. Here are some facts-


1. 92% engineering seats remained vacant this year in most of the engineering colleges. Even the polytechnic ones were also not able to BUY students.

2. If facilities are what makes college perfect, most of the colleges lack in basic education imparting facilities.

3. Himachal is the second state in the country to be smoke free. Similarly Shimla is the second city to become smoke free after copying down Chandigarh smoke free model.

4. About 60 lakh rupees fine has been collected in Himachal Pradesh. (Smoking as we all know according to 2008 law is banned in public places.)This fine has to be used to prevent production of tobacco or smoking products.

5. About 1 million people die in India due to smoking.


Still we can’t stop anyone. Can we…..Still…

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