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Himachal Pradesh, the very word conveys the expression ‘In the lap of Himalayas’ is a home to numerous beautiful places. Divided in to 12 districts, each district speaks for itself. The beauty and serenity of the hills and calmness of the cool breeze attracts a huge chunk of tourists. Some of the beautiful places are-

                                   1. KHAJJIAR

Also termed as ‘Mini-Switzerland’, Khajjiar is extremely famous among the tourists. Surrounded by green meadows and dense forests, Khajjiar is at an altitude of 2000m above the sea level. Khajjiar is 24 km from Dalhousie, which itself is a famous hill station.
Sitting on a small plateau with a lake in the middle, fed by a stream, it is a part of Kalatope wildlife sanctuary. It is among the 160 places in the world, whose topography resembles to Switzerland. A stone taken from Khajjiar was kept in front of the Swiss parliament signifying there is another Switzerland and it is in INDIA.

                                  2. TRIUND

Enveloped with snow, Triund is a paradise for natural beauty lovers. At an altitude of 2827 meters, triund offers a great view of the dhauladhar ranges. Snow capped peaks and breathtaking scenery make it one of the most beautiful places in India.
The trek to triund starts from mcleodganj, which is 10 km from dharamsala. The 8-9 km trek takes about 4-5 hours to reach the destination. The trek can also be started from dharamkot, 2km from mcleodganj, which is the final stop for vehicles. Forest guest houses are available for accommodation. Enthusiasts can also try camping.


                                           3. MANIKARAN

Located in the Parvati valley, Manikaran is 1760m above the sea level. Famous for its hot water springs, it is the root centre for Hindu and Sikh religious beliefs.  Gurudwara and shiv temple are the main attractions of this tourist spot. Situated 45 km from kullu, Manikaran is famous for its beautiful landscape. The Parvati project is located here, generating electrical energy from the geothermal energy of the earth.

                                             4. BAROT

Barot valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in India. Situated 40 km from jogindernagar and 66 km from District Headquarters Mandi, Barot rests nears the banks of Uhl River. Famous for its trout breeding centre and serene beauty, Barot is a home to famous trekking route from Bada gram to Billing (International paragliding spot). Barot is gateway to nargu wildlife sanctuary and home to monal, black bear and ghoral. One can sit near the banks of Uhl River and catch trout fish, and enjoy the breathtaking views of shimmering White Mountains.

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