Thursday, July 18, 2013


Shimla is our hometown. It is the place we love, where he have spent our childhood, where we have studied, where we are earning, where we are living, where we are spending the final days of our lives. Shimla has touched down our lives in a miraculous way. It is our responsibility to preserve this heritage. In this blog I am going to take your attention towards the deteriorating conditions of buildings in Shimla.
I am a resident of Nabha (Shimla-4), and I am scared to live in my own building. The simple reason being the enlarging cracks and the unevenness in the base of the building. After inspection I found out, that water was not able to find its way out of the building. My curiosity led me to check out other buildings in my locality, and I found out that most of the buildings in Nabha were facing this problem. There are very serious consequences related to this problem. Some description is given below.


Rain gutters are essentially used to dispose the rainwater collected in them. They divert the rainwater shed by the roof. Many times leaves or sand etc. clog the entry of these rain gutters. As a consequence water flows over these gauges, and seeps through the walls. This has serious consequences-
·         This water moisturizes the walls and leads to drips of water surfacing through the ceiling.
·         Sometimes the ceiling may collapse due to rotting.
·          Harm to structural soundness of building.
The water if anyway reaches down after overflowing, seeps in to the earth. This water weakens the foundation with time. The foundation gets uneven due to moisture, leading to surfacing of cracks. These cracks lead to deterioration of building structures, and in severe cases the building might fall.

With money this problem can be solved, but it will require huge sums. We people don’t want to see situation like in Sangla or Kedarnath in our city. The only means to ensure our security is by taking our opinion to the respectable municipality.

I hope people will find this blog convenient and ask themselves. Are they safe in their homes?

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