Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Search engine optimization (SEO) is done to optimize the results of a search engine to favor a given website. It is done to potentially improve a website and save time. Whenever we search a keyword on Google, we come across two types of results. One is the sponsored result, which appears first on the screen for the owner of the website has paid for it. The second one, and the important one is the organic results. We optimize a website to top the organic search results.
There are many important aspects of search engine optimization. Few important one’s are-

1.      Content Quality-
If you want people to visit your website, the most important thing is to give them relevant information about your website. This information will be displayed on your web-page. There should be no space for doubt in the minds of the visitors. They should get the point straightway, without even stressing their brains. The point is, the language should be simple and understandable. The content should have quality, i.e. you can put the content just to put it, or you can put the content to make a mark on the minds of the users.
2.      Keywords-
Keyword is generally a short understandable form for a substantial amount of content. For e.g. if you have written about songs, and you have explained the types of music. Your keyword should probably be ‘Song Types’. One should develop strong and unique keywords, so that Google is able to recognize the content and push it up on its organic search list. These keywords are linked to your website via HTML.
There are three main parts of SEO-
·        Crawling
·        Indexing
·        Result Searching
Crawling is basically the way Google reaches your website. Consider Google to be a person who will come to your home only if you will give him proper directions and address. The directions are the links of your website, which it picks up from significant locations. These significant locations may be the blogs of prominent people, forums, question and answer forums etc. You have to leave your print at these significant locations, so that Google can reach your website. After viewing your content or material, if it finds it significant it will definitely promote you on its organic search engine results. Indexing is done by Google to find the best among the given set of websites, working in the same field. Results are in the form of visibility on search results.

Optimizing your website will require some basic knowledge of Google and its tools too. The Google webmaster tools helps optimize your website. Knowledge of HTML, and online marketing ideas are a plus in optimizing the search results. It is true 1000 links on 1000 sites is far better than 1000 links on a single website.
Now there are some simple tips-
·        Blog regularly for your website
·        Always write relative content
·        Use keywords optimally
·        Don’t spam


  1. Yes, every search engine is having it's own search algorithm. So the results displayed on one search engine may differ from another.